DIARY OF EVENTS 2020 - 2021


Saturday Lectures at the Swarthmore Education Centre


Please note that all these lectures will take place on Saturday mornings on the dates listed and start at 11:00 a.m. unless otherwise indicated. Note some meeting dates have been moved owing to pubic holidays.


Lectures will take place at the Swarthmore Education Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS3 1AD.




The lecture programe for the April 2020 onwards meetings at Swarthmore was suspended until further notice. 


UPDATE 22nd June 2020


The Section is awaiting directions from the YAHS as to future meeting venues and facilities owing to possible access and capacity limitations at Swarthmore resulting from the (forthcoming) Coronavirus prevention advice on personal distancing at public events.


Family History Fairs


The Family History Section will have a stall at the following Fairs:



The 2020 York Family History Show  was postponed owing to access restrictions resulting from Covid 19 prevention measures.


The  2021 York Family History Show will now take place on the 19th June 2021

at York Racecourse.


Go to: https://thefamilyhistoryshow.com/york/




For a full list of Fairs and Events go to http://geneva.weald.org.uk