When to Pay

The Society year commences on 1st January and subscriptions are due on or before this date each year. If joining after 1st November, the membership will commence on 1st January of the following year.

Please note that the first journal of the year is issued in the Spring.  Anyone joining during the current year will receive all back issues for that year.

Membership Categories

There are two basic membership categories:

1. As a "Family History Section Only" member. Fees are as stated below and on the application form.

2. As a member of the YAS Parent Society and the Family History Section. Please contact the YAHS Head Office for more details as combined fees should be paid direct to the YAHS.

Subscription Rates

UK Individual Membership £13-00

UK Joint Membership (two members at the same address - one journal) £16-00

Overseas Individual Membership £13-00

How to Pay

1. Cheque or Money Order Etc.

All payments to the Family History Section should be made in Sterling, preferably by a cheque drawn on a Bank with a London branch, or by Sterling Money Order etc. which has been made payable to:


However, due to the high cost of obtaining sterling cheques we are prepared to accept payment for overseas membership by personal cheque/bank notes, at the fixed rate stated, from the countries listed below:

Australia $30-00,  New Zealand $35-00, 


Canada $30-00,    U.S.A. $20-00


Residents of Europe may pay the annual subscription of €20 (Twenty Euros) in bank notes only.


You can download a Membership Form (MS Word file) and mail it with the appropriate amount to:

The Membership Secretary, YAHS - Family History Section, Stringer House, 34 Lupton Street, Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 2QW, U.K.


2. On Line


You can join and pay Section membership fees online using the YAHS Membership access portal.